New Vanity Fair Outtakes

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This was my favorite photoshoot of all that featured the Twilight cast, it was just so beautifully shot and natural. 



HMV Canada 3-Disc DVD

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This is definitely the DVD that I will be buying, I am extremely excited for this!


Rob wants to spend more time with fans !

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This article makes me glad when I read it, Rob actually feels bad when he can’t spend time with the fans : ).51

The British actor – who became a household name playing vampire Edward Cullen in the recent Twilight movie – says he feels guilty when people wait for hours to meet him and then he has five seconds to sign an autograph.

“You have to rush through everything so much,” he said. “I just feel terrible every single time because people have queued up since 4 o’clock in the morning for five seconds…and that’s it.

“I feel quite bad half the time.”
When it was mentioned that a signing had been canceled because of crowd control issues the previous day, Rob, 22, said: “They did do it in the end though.

“And it was still pretty crazy then, everybody came back. “I didn’t realize but… they said it was canceled so the majority of people would go away. I think.”

Just So You Know !

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I am starting updates from February ! I’m not going to post old news on here, just new stuff. Hopefully time will pass quickly and filming for New Moon will start and there will be tons and tons of updates.


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Hey there,
welcome to diehardtwilighter, a brand new twilight fanblog. I realized that WordPress has much more to offer than Blogger. That’s why I have switched. I am trying to figure out how to get it all working and looking good. So basically, this is a fanblog where you can find news about New Moon (once filming begins of course!), the actors of the movies, and everything Twilight ! I am dedicated to bring the best to fellow and future twilighters. I am hoping that some people will read this because I will work very hard on it and I hope people see this!
If your reading this, and like it so far, leave a comment. 

updates will be posted asap,